Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our First Trip

Here's the general plan for the first time we're getting together:

Saturday, April 5 thru Sunday morning April 6.

Riverpointe guys will meet for breakfast around O Dark Thirty in Richmond, either in the church parking lot or at a restaurant.

Folks coming from other points on the compass are welcome to meet us there, or head on out to Lone Star Hiking Trail Parking Lot #2 on Bethel Road approximately 8 miles North of Montgomery.

General map of Parking Lots for the Lone Star Trail is found here

Trail map can be found here

USGS topographical map with trails can be found here

We will hike West on the Lone Star Trail for about a tenth of a mile until it intersects with the West Fork Trail, then head Southwest until that trail ends at the Little Lake Creek Loop Trail, then hike about two tenths of a mile South in the Little Lake Creek Loop Trail until it crosses Forest Service Road 211A to an open area on the West (right hand) side of the trail a few yards south of the road.

Saturday's supper we will break bread together.  I will be providing hot dogs and buns, and you guys can bring anything else you wish to bring to share with others.  We can drop coolers, etc. at the end of FS211A and hike down to them to carry them up to the campsite after we've set up our shelters, etc.

You'll need shelter for Saturday night, lunch for Saturday, and breakfast Sunday morning.

After camp has been set up, we'll have some alone time for prayer and meditation, or join together for some exploration of God's Creation.

Saturday evening will be time for us to discuss what we think God might want this to be, where He might lead us from here, and getting to know each other.

May this endeavor be blessed by God to be used for His purpose and Glory.


  1. This is going to be a great time in the woods, Sarge. I look forward to sharing time with you and those called to this ministry in His creation. Let me know off line what I can do to further support you in this ministry. Can't wait to get out there myself.

  2. Yes Mike, I do think it will be a good time. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for your guidance and advice on this. I shall remain eternally grateful for the people who's paths God has directed to cross mine.

    I do want to explore that abandonded road that goes past the little pond. Looking closely at the USGS Topo map, it appears to go to Bethel Road and is marked "FS211E". It might make for a better drop off point for supplies for trips like this one to an off trail campsite that will be more private but closer to Bethel and thus a shorter carry for cook stuff. Might even be able to lug a Dutch Oven in there on that track.

  3. Another Dutch Oven option would be to hike out to the parking lot for a tailgate. Dinner cooked at the vehicles would mean no carrying. Food for thought.